Robert Ivy: One Of A Kind Architect

Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of people who join professional societies. Unlike trade associations that are meant for companies, the professional associations are mostly for individual workers. People join these programs for different reasons, and one of them is educational programs. It is also an excellent opportunity to network and take leadership roles. There are also other reasons why workers join these professional associations.

Educational resources top the list why workers join these associations. Associations provide their members with data and tools to help them gain more skills. Such funds are useful for those who are joining the workplace for the first time.

Networking opportunities are another reason for joining professional societies. The associations provide conferences which is an opportunity for people to meet their peers. Furthermore, the meetings help individuals to know more about job openings. In addition to the conferences, the organizations also provide volunteer events, committees, and young professional networks.

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Professional organizations also offer job hunting assistance. Association functions organized by the association enable members to build relationships that lead to job opportunities. They also provide career assistance. Members get access to online job boards that help them land jobs.

Professional societies have political lobbying. The organizations also enable policymakers to make the decisions that will benefit members. Thus, it puts into consideration the industry interest. For instance architects like Robert Ivy, the chief executive officer American Institute of Architects believes in the benefits that professional associations offer. The architects may be small in number, but they have a loud voice because of their advocacy organization.

Belonging to a professional organization provides one with credentials. Being a member means that one is committed and is up to date with developments. It will also show employers that an individual has leadership skills. One’s resume will even stand out due to the society awards. Memberships also indicate that one has reached a specific level in their profession. Robert Ivy also said that architects know the importance of joining professional associations.

Robert Ivy has won many awards for his tremendous work. One of the awards Robert Ivy won is the Crain award in 2009. Robert Ivy was also the first architect to receive the Noel Polk lifetime achievement award. The award is given by the Mississippi Institute of arts and letters.


Achievements of David McDonald at OSI Group

David McDonald began from scratch to become one of the most successful executives in the world. Despite having a background in animal science, he has performed exemplarily in the business world due to his hard work, commitment and desire to succeed as a leader.

McDonald’s Successful Strategies

As the President and Chief Operating Officer, OSI Group McDonalds has overseen many of the company’s growth strategies both locally and globally. He forms part of the business making team and has facilitated the development of new facilities to boost production and acquisitions to expand the company’s operations in new markets.

The OSI Group McDonalds tenure has seen the advancement in technology to enable the production of fresh ingredients and delivery of fresh meat to various outlets around the globe. He is keen at implementing innovative ideas that guarantee product quality. McDonald has spearheaded the expansion of OSI Group to previously unexplored markets. In particular, the acquisitions of Baho Foods, Flagship Europe and Tyson Foods Facility among other companies have all worked to present new opportunities for OSI Group. Other firms that have been acquired include GW Padley Poultry, Amick Farms and Dove Valley. To know more about him click here.

Of the most critical strategies that OSI Group McDonalds employs as a leader is maintaining a close relationship with stakeholders. He reaches out to food service companies, local farmers, and the general community with the recognition of their valuable role in ensuring OSI group’s success. Such relationships are, particularly crucial in sourcing for new ways of improving service delivery to customers.

OSI Group McDonalds is a food processing company with facilities in 17 countries across the world. With headquarters in Aurora. Besides, the company prides itself as the global leader in the production and supply of products such as sausage links, beef patties, pizza, and sandwiches among others to retail outlets and food service stores.

McDonalds was born and bred in Iowa and attended Iowa State University where he attained his bachelor’s degree in animal science. Despite his humble beginnings, David McDonald has worked his way through the professional ladder to become one of the world’s most acclaimed leaders. Besides his professional duties, he is also a philanthropist.

Richard Liu’s Way Around The Retail World


Richard Liu was born in 1974 in China. The 44-year-old entrepreneur is married to Zhang Zetian and together they are blessed with 2 kids the youngest being 2 years old. As of 2018 records, his net worth is $12.7 billion. As Richard was growing up his parents owned a transport business which is how his father supported the needs of the family and took them through school.

At the age of 17 he attended Renmin University where he undertook sociology. He later also acquired an EMBA from an International Business School in China. During his time in college, he saw it fit to utilize his extra time by opening up a restaurant. The first few months were successful but the business soon failed due to lack of his presence [he could only be available 2 hours a day]. Click Here for more information

However, Liu Quiangdong did not see this as an end to his investment venture. When his father’s transport business failed, his grandmother got ill and they had no money to take him to a hospital he founded At the time the business started with 4 rented stores where he sold phones, IT gadgets. The business continued to grow to a maximum of 12 stores.

Another reason for starting was that his father had no money to support his studies abroad like the other graduates. When an epidemic hit China it affected the workings of as the employees could not come into work. One of Richard Liu’s manager suggested that they try doing the businesses online. He took to the advice and started the business online. Within a year, the sales were better compared to physical sales.

Having founded the company in 1994, it only gained recognition in 2004 which was around the same time it went online.’s biggest competitor was Dangdang at the moment. Other retailers like Amazon had not yet gotten to the China market. To gain the consumers’ trust and get good reviews, Liu Qiangdong established the rule of not selling counterfeit goods.

Right now, is China’s largest retailer with a market value of over $60 billion and number 4 in the market values. Richard Liu hopes to expand to other countries and become the largest retailer globally.


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Alastair Borthwick: a Journalist for the 20th Century

The extraordinary Alastair Borthwick was born in Ruthergren in 1913. As a youth, his spirit pushed him out of school and into journalism in nearby Glasgow. He wrote on numerous topics including hiking which was taking Scotland by storm; the pastime’s economy and simplicity appealed to many throughout Europe. But Borthwick’s creativity was stifled by written journalism. This led him to radio where his personality did him in good stead and his first broadcast revealed to everyone his natural way with the microphone; he was a breath of fresh air in a formalized environment. In 1939 and spurred by a recommendation from T.S. Eliot, Borthwick published his first book, Always a Little Further, largely based on his earlier writings on the outdoors. It remains an important commentary on a social transformation.

The arrival of the Second World War swept Alastair Borthwick up. Working in intelligence, he saw action on numerous fronts from North Africa to Europe. Following the war, he was given the assignment of writing on his own wartime experiences. This resulted in his next book Sans Peur, first published in 1946 and reissued in 1994 under the title Battalion. The work chronicled the development of his team of comrades from inexperienced cadets to hardened soldiers, including a nighttime mission sneaking behind German lines in Holland.

Following the war, Borthwick and his wife Anne moved north to the islands of Jura and Islay for a change of scenery. However, the invention of television put a dampener on his radio-based work; he was forced to reckon with this new wave of broadcasting technology. Adapt he did, and throughout 1960’s and the following decades he delivered some 150 television broadcasts on a wide range of topics from 19th century Irish dance to the McCarthy trials.

Alastair Borthwick’s time in broadcasting spanned his whole professional life. Before passing away in 2003, Borthwick modestly appraised his career; he expressed the satisfaction of having been a reliable and readable journalist.

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Eric Lefkofsky Offers Solutions in the Medical Field

Eric Lefkofsky, establisher, and CEO of Tempus which is a top giver of technology permitted care in the medicine resolutions. He was also part of the founding alliances of Light bank which was a venture fund that capitalizes in disorderly technologies. Eric also came up with Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN), current an e commerce marketplace and partnered in the founding of Mediaocean, which has been among the best benefactors of integrated media technology which has been procured, Echo Global Logistics that has been technology permitted in transportation and outsourcing logistics of the firm. He is a co-founder of the Inner Workings that is an international dealer that manages printed and promotional resolutions of investors.

By the year 2006, Eric Lefkofsky founded Lefkofsky Family Foundation which was a sequestered benevolent organization. He partnered with his wife Liz and brought about high expectations through the organization to the lives of the people in the societies that they assisted. Eric worked as a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Art Institute of Chicago, World Business Chicago and Museum of Science and Industry.About Eric Lefkofsky, he is the chairman leading the board of trustees in Steppenwolf Theatre industry in Chicago. He has authored a book entitled Accelerated Disruption.

Eric graduated from the University of Michigan where he was apprehended Juris Doctor at the University of Michigan School of law. He co-founded and gave out $1million to fund a collective site that was established by Andrew Mason. Eric also assisted upcoming enterprises and guided them to most  successful investments. changed their name to, and Eric Lefkofsky became the CEO in 2013 which he later turned down in 2016 and became the chairman. By the year 2014, he had also helped in the formation of Uptake, an analytics company. He was included in the expert team that assisted in bringing Summer Olympics to Chicago in 2016.

How Has JD.Com Helped Chinese Bookstore Become Competitive? is the largest e-commerce organization in China. The company plays a significant role in modernizing the supply chain and at the same time help offline stores increase their sales. The brick-and-mortar stores are experiencing some challenges associated with a decline in sales and traffic due to stiff competition in the industry. has its online book business, but it provides up to 49 offline bookstores with solutions, technology, and logistics. The strategy has helped to provide its clients with an array of service and technology to companies ranging from restaurants to bookstores, to consumer goods manufacturers. has helped various bookstores in China such as Tangning Books to increase its sales. The company has worked with the bookstores to save on labor costs and improve the speed of delivery. The partnership has helped Tangning Book understand customer buying behaviors and their needs and expectation.

The’s technology has helped Tangning Book gain a competitive advantage over other offline bookstores. The challenge that offline bookstores face is that they cannot stock all the books that customers need because of limited space. With the help of, the bookstore can now scan QR codes and order books they need which will be delivered to their homes within 24 hours. The two companies are working together to provide customers with choices.

The partnership has helped Tangning Book to reduce its turnover from one year to 220 days. The backing-up of technology, Tangning Book has a bright future in the offline book business. Many other bookstores want to partner with to improve their competitive strength. Visit This Page for more information.

The offline bookstores are examples of many industries that have partnered with to improve their inventory management and supply chain. also provides them with technology and data that help them become more competitive in their industries. “JD Cloud Warehouse Management Solution” has helped many companies from various industries make informed decisions. With the help of Wang Shun Ge restaurant in China has managed to reduce its delivery costs by 50%. The restaurant has also increased its speed when it comes to the shipment of customer orders.


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Charlamagne Tha God Fights The Stigma Of Mental Illness


Charlamagne Tha God’s career keeps getting hotter and now he is addressing issues surrounding mental health with a new book and a new show on VH1. His book is entitled Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me and it chronicles his experiences with anxiety throughout his life and career. If his previous book is any indication, it is expected to do well in sales just like Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It.

He doesn’t just talk about his personal experiences with mental health and the issues surrounding it, he also gives advice on how to face their challenges with mental illness. He used his fears and anxiety to move him ahead in life and especially his career. Charlamagne Tha God understands that not everybody will be able to do what he did, he still hopes that his tips will be able to help his readers get through whatever challenges he is facing.

His new share first began airing on VH1 in November. It consisted of 4 specials that were considered therapy sessions being aired live. He also allows viewers to talk about their experiences in a safe environment. In addition, Charlamagne Tha God got the help of psychiatrist Dr. Jessica Clemons who allows views to participate through the use of social media. It was also announced earlier this year that he would be doing his own show with HBO called The Gray Area With Charlamagne Tha God.

Charlamagne may be a rather controversial figure in the media, but he gets people talking which might be exactly what mental illness needs right now. He doesn’t try to hide his problems and pretend that he’s perfect like some celebrities. He tries to be his most authentic self by sharing his fears, hardships, and struggles. See Related Link to learn more.


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Vinod Gupta Speaks About His Career Story


Vinod Gupta name is respected. The self-made billionaire is the real definition of a professional who acquired his wealth in the old day. With humble roots, the businessman knew well that he could only say goodbye to poverty by working hard.

When he was born in a very remote area in India, Vinod Gupta lacked many important things in life. When growing up, however, the businessman started to realize the power of acquiring education and using smart techniques in business. Vinod invested so much time in education, and by the time he was acquiring his master’s degree in business and agricultural engineering, he was ready for a successful career.

When he got his first employment post, the businessman ventured into the telecommunication sector where he was supplying mobile dealers. Before he could serve in this post for a long time, the businessman realized that everything was complicated, and it was very frustrating to get the dealers needed. See This Page for additional information.

Vinod Gupta felt that this was too demanding, and he chose to leave the employment opportunity so that he could focus on better things in his career life. The first business venture he founded did not disappoint him, and it gave him the motivation he needed to establish his career in business.

After many years in business, Vinod Gupta has acquired the title of one of the most respected Indian in the world. His determination in business is what keeps him very successful despite the challenges that he faces. While in business, the serial entrepreneur discovered that success is only received by people who work hard and use the traditional way.

Without following this difficult path, people get wealth that is not long lasting. Vinod Gupta has developed some paramount features that enable him to balance his professional and career life. His story has helped many people to become successful.

He shares his Business Ideas with the hope of assisting upcoming entrepreneurs to because he believes in helping those who need to help. He has helped others to establish startups by providing them with proper funding


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A Guide To Organo Gold

Organo Gold, a successful network marking company, has helped to change the lives of many people over the past few years. This particular company provides business opportunities, and it manufactures some of the healthiest nutraceuticals. These products are designed to help your body operate at optimum levels, and they’re safe to use on a consistent basis. So, what exactly does this company have to offer? The answer to this question is very simple. Organo Gold’s products include green tea, gourmet-black coffee, café mocha, café latte, grape seed oil, red tea, soaps and toothpaste.

When it comes to incredible ingredients, Organo Gold uses one of the very best, and it’s known as ganoderma lucidum. This particular fungus comes from China’s Wuyi Mountains. This fungus also grows on the logs of trees, which are at very high latitudes. Ganoderma lucidum is known by many as the “king of herbs.” This special fungus provides great immune support as well as weight-loss attributes. Ganoderma lucidum has been used for over 2,000 years, and it has been documented in ancient scripts.

Organo Gold just so happens to be partnered with the largest ganoderma lucidum plantation in the world. This partnership has produced the construction of a groundbreaking industrial park that costs $240 million. As you can see, OG has definitely invested into its future. Thanks to the rise of interest in alternative medicine, bigger and better things are definitely in store for this North American-based juggernaut.

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A Look into Rocketship Education’s Establishment, Growth, and Funding

Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit charter schools which has headquarters in the Redwood City of California. Rocketship was established in the year 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith. A year after its establishment, the organization launched its first school in the San Jose area of California. The students who enrolled in this school are said to have performed as great as the best students of any public school according to the State of California Assessment Team. This is one of the reasons that led to the expansion of the organization and the launch of half a dozen more schools in the same area within a span of just five years. All this happened under the leadership of both Danner and Smith who were at the time the collaborative Chief Executive Officers of the Organization. It was in the year 2013 that John Danner left the organization leaving Smith as the sole Chief Executive Officer.

With Smith as the CEO, Rocketship Education launched its first school that was situated outside the State of California. The school was launched in Wisconsin’s Milwaukee in the year 2013. A year later, Tennessee, Nashville was graced with the opening of a Rocketship school and became the third region that the organization reached. Barely two years later, the organization established yet another school in Washington D.C. It was at this point that Rocketship Education entered a partnership with the Apple Tree Institute. Together, these two organizations launched the K-5 network of schools in Washington D.C. which offer the same services as other Rocketship Schools with the added advantage of preschool services as well.

Where does Rocketship get its Funding?

Being that the organization is an non-profit, it depends greatly on private financing and donations. One of the main financiers of the organization is Andre Agassi, a former Tennis Pro through the Turner-Agassi School Facilities Fund Organization. The organization has also received donations from big shots like Reed Hasting of Netflix who made a donation of two million as well as the Obama Administration that has also invested in the organization. The Education Department has also been a huge supporter and financier for the organization.