Success Academy Gives Students a Chance to Succeed

Since Success Academy was first started, they have been working to make sure that all of their students are able to be as successful as possible. This is a part of their mission and something that they have worked to do so that they will make the school system in New York City better than it was in the past. By creating Success Academy as a charter school, the company that runs the school is able to bring more opportunities to those who are attending the school and those who want to be able to enjoy everything that the school has to offer. Thanks to the opportunities that Success Academy has allowed people to enjoy, they are getting more out of the experience in the areas that they are in so that they will be able to grow with the school as time goes on and they can do more with the options that they have.


Recently, Success Academy put out information about the tests that the students take. Unlike at public schools in New York City, students who attended Success Academy were able to score higher than the state average on the tests that they took. This was indicative of the options that the school had and showed that they worked hard to be able to provide their students with the right tools to be able to succeed. They are getting more out of the tests than what public schools are and Success Academy doesn’t even focus on training their students to take tests.


In public schools in New York City, the curriculum is very test-driven. This is something that the students have to work hard to be able to get and something that they are constantly struggling with. For those who go to Success Academy, they are able to only work on the things that they are comfortable with. While they are not constantly being pushed to take tests, they are able to take them and they are able to score better than the public schools. Success Academy thinks this says something about their open curriculum for students.