Securus Technologies is Clamping Down on Prison Violence

In order to make certain that officers are protected while working in prisons, these institutions have begun utilizing a modern call monitoring system designed by Securus Technologies. I have been working in the local prison for a decade and in no time have I seen things so dangerous as they are right now. The inmates can easily get drugs, weapons, and just about any contraband they want to make life behind bars dangerous for all.


These inmates will often brag to one another about how easily they can get just about anything they want inside the jail, even easier than when they were out free on the streets. This is problematic for me and my officers because we can not have eyes in every area of the prison to stop potential trouble, and violent crimes have been on the rise in recent years.


To try and keep a lid on the violence, my team of officers will often rely on a number of resources to maintain order. Since the majority of contraband is confiscated inside the inmate visitor center, that is where we utilize scanning devices that can see everything each person coming into the jail is in possession of. We use that same device to check inmates before they are allowed to go back to their cells.


Securus Technologies is responsible for the implementation of a new inmate call monitoring system that we now use inside our jail. In the old days, we would simply place officers in a room to listen to the inmates on the phone, and it definitely was not an exact science trying to uncover information that we could make use of to maintain order. Now the LBS software allows my team of officers to know exactly when anyone on the phone mentions things like drugs or weapons.