An Overview of Fabletics and How The Brand is Leveraging the Power of the Crowd

Fabletics has experienced an exponential growth and huge success due to smart leveraging of crowd-power. The modern society and market is switching to making their purchases online and hence the importance of crowd reviews in informing purchasing decisions has greatly increased. The advent of online stores has transformed the shopping environment making it more suitable and convenient as people can do it from the comfort of their homes or work places. However, online stores make it hard for customers to test out the various products or services they are seeking. This is the point where crowd-sourced reviews and opinions come in handy as they help consumers make informed choices.


What Has Set Fabletics Apart from its Competitors?


Fabletics has managed to set itself apart from its competitors through doing most of its business online. The brand operates like a membership company where customers become members and purchase several clothing items as opposed to just buying one item. The company has embraced the use of user reviews to better its products as well as how it renders its services. Fabletics leverages the power of the crowd well and it has managed to hit a gold mine by winning customer loyalty and trust. The brand entered the athletic wear industry and developed a niche in the market by aiming to do things in a completely different manner. This unique approach has paid off and the brand currently has $250 million in revenue.


Power of the Crowd and Impact of Positive Reviews


Power of the crowd or simply crowd-power refers to user reviews that are collected online via sense crowd-sourcing about a particular product or brand. The more the people spreading positive reviews about a certain brand, the higher the revenue it will manage to collect. Today, most online buyers trust and believe user reviews just like they would a referral given by someone close to them.


Positive reviews are extremely important to a brand as they drive more sales and revenue. They also enhance customer retention rates and customer loyalty to a brand. Fabletics has exploited this front to its advantage by maintaining an incredible online profile, which influences a lot of online shoppers to make purchases from them. Fabletics is a savvy brand that understands that people no longer trust conventional marketing and advertising like they used to in the past. Crowd power holds the key to influencing purchasing decisions. Fabletics has included reviews in its website as today’s consumers are driven by reviews rather than prices.


Kate Hudson’s Growth in Business


Kate Hudson is famous for her role in “Almost Famous” as hippy Penny. Kate did not have any prior experience in business but the owners of TechStyle Fashion Group approached her to become the brand’s lead representative. Kate Hudson embraced her new role at Fabletics wholeheartedly and hit the ground running from the first day. She was involved in choosing the designs and styles to be used as well as knowing the brands that were hot cakes and those that were not doing so well. Customers interested in buying Fabletics products ought to take a lifestyle quiz on the site to find the most suitable gear for them to purchase.