Dick DeVos’ Wide Circle of Influence

Dick DeVos is a very generous individual. While he was raised to give away many things by his father who started Amway, Dick and his wife Betsy rose to prominence when they helped to create Grand Action in Grand Rapids, Michigan, changing the city’s skyline forever. Today, the couple continue to advocate for changes that will make life better for everyone while sharing a particular passion for today’s youth.


Grand Action


Originally started as Grand Vision in 1991, Dick DeVos was instrumental in pursuing the building of a new convention center and sports arena in Grand Rapids. He sought input from more than 50 business leaders in a variety of industries. Today, that original committee has grown to more than 250 individuals who are responsible for galvanizing the community support which has resulted in the building of the Van Andel Arena, DeVos Place, Meijer Majestic Theater and the Grand Rapids Downtown Market. The couple gave over $50 million to create the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. The organization remains at the forefront in seeking buildings that can be converted to make the city an even better place to reside. Learn more: http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20170602/NEWS/170609993/dick-and-betsy-devos


Right-to-work State


Dick DeVos was instrumental in making Michigan a right-to-work state even though Michigan had been the birthplace of organized labor. Dick and Betsy DeVos gave over $2 million to defeat a pro-union constitutional amendment because they believe that Americans working side-by-side creates a free democracy that is unstoppable.


School Vouchers


Dick along with his wife believe that school vouchers give every child the right to the education that they deserve. While Dick was educated in a public school, Betsy attended a private one. When it came time to educate their own children, they sought the benefits of a private school. It was not, however, until the two met the students and staff at Potter’s House that they became convinced that great things happened in private schools regardless of economic circumstances. The husband-and-wife team generously support the work of this school along with helping to fund an aviation high school at the Grand Rapids Airport.


Political Support


The couple has also been very active in politics. They have given money to many candidates for president including Marco Rubio. Through their family foundation, they have also supported numerous political groups including American Enterprise Institute, the Federalist Society, the Heritage Foundation, Council for National Policy, the Acton Institute, Traditional Values Coalition, and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.