Securus Technologies Acquiring GovPayNet as Part of Its Expansion Drive

In the correctional field, one of the companies that have made remarkable progress in the last couple of decades is Securus Technologies. The company provides inmate communication services that are known to be efficient as well as customer-centric. Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies has been associated with the telecommunication sector for the past many years and knows that the competition is high.


The only way to stay ahead in this highly competitive field is to keep researching and innovating is what Rick Smith believes, and rightly so. Securus Technologies has been developing high-end technologies from time to time, one of which is the video visitation facility that it developed. It allows the inmates as well as their family members to communicate with each other. It would ensure that the family members don’t have to come to the prison to meet the inmates, saving them considerable time and money.


Securus Technologies also recently announced that the company has been spending an enormous amount on research and development as well as for patent acquisition. The company recently made two significant purchases, which includes Jpay Inc and another GovPayNet. Both these companies are into payment processing services and have helped Securus Technologies to strengthen its position in money transfer and payment processing business, which is integral as well as the highly profitable arm of the correctional field. Securus Technologies doesn’t only focus on building new technologies and expanding its product portfolio but has also been able to develop its customer service.


The customer service of Securus Technologies has won many awards, including the famous Gold Stevie Award. Securus Technologies has received the topmost rating by the Better Business Bureau, which showcases the high standard maintained by the company internally in its management and operations. Securus Technologies ensures that customers get complete value for money always.

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