The Frontera Fund Stands Up For DACA

DACA is one of the most important decisions made by Barack Obama. It has allowed hundreds of thousands of young Americans the chance at a life in the only country they’ve known. However, Donald Trump has taken the legacy of Obama and trashed it. The modern support for nativism has led to the repeal of DACA and left countless children without any sure way of knowing what will happen to them. The Frontera Fund isn’t going to let this happen and plans on doing everything it can to stop the removal of people who only know America as their homeland. Given the recent energy of the left, it might just be able to pull it off.

Started as a response to Joe Arpaio and his anti immigration crackdowns, the Frontera Fund stands for the rights of individuals no matter what. They understand that America is a country found on diversity with a focus on giving immigrants a chance they would’ve find in their own country. There efforts are focused on trying to do everything they can to fight for immigrants and help America continue to be what it has always been and should remain for many years to come down the road. Donald Trump’s presidency has meant trouble for immigrants and he has made attacking DACA one of his primary goals.

The repeal of DACA has left the lives of thousands of Americans who came to the country as children in peril. Although Trump has suggested hie is willing to make a deal to save DACA, his actions do not suggest that he is particularly enthusiastic about trying to reverse his choice. The only way that action will be taken is if people start to stand up for what they believe in and change the direction things are going down. The decision to repeal DACA was certainly a setback, but it isn’t something that can’t be reverse or changed. Frontera Fund wants to work on finding ways to make sure the dreamers are able to stay in America, but they need a movement and support from as many people as possible.

Trying to fight against the nativism behind the repeal of DACA is going to be tough in the current climate. Republicans control just about every branch of the federal government alongside the majority of state governments. Unless somebody finds a way to bring more Democrats back into the mix, it’s going to take lots of active resistance to make a dent. Journalism and activism will help people understand that this decision is going to change the world around them in important ways. There is an entire generation of young people that has managed to make something of themselves in this country. They only understand America and they can never truly call any other country home. Although it’s going to be a long fight, eventually America is going to accept them the way it always accepts newcomers. The Frontera Fund is making sure this happens as it always should happen.

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