The Polite Yet Powerful Activism of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is the education secretary in the United States. She comes off as your typical sophisticated and well to do woman that are fairly simple to find in this nation. DeVos is seen as overly polite, and perhaps not someone who would seem like a natural fit for an important position in the deciding factors of education in the nation. First impressions such as the main consensus concerning DeVos are not something to use as an indicator on how she will handle her position. Looking over her history with education funding and her last year as education secretary, it is clear that Betsy DeVos is a well mannered and strong politically active woman concerning education.


DeVos has worked with education funding for many years. Her husband and Betsy began their mutual interest in education when they had their own children. They began setting up voucher programs and scholarships for students with potential, but not the means to reach their potential. This is what DeVos has vocalized as her goal to revolutionize the education system in this country.


DeVos was initially believed to be too well mannered to speak up or deviate from the president on education decisions. She has proven in her last year as education secretary that she is fully compatible with speaking up about her different opinion from the president. One example is her firm stance that transgender students should be permitted to use the restroom of the gender they identify with so they feel comfortable and safe while attending school. She did praise the president’s decision to remove the bathroom bill though, because it allows schools to make their own decision on this issue without the government making and forcing that decision.


Following the school shooting in Florida on Valentine’s Day, DeVos yet again proved herself as someone fit for her position. She spoke up immediately following the shooting that it should be discussed and that mental health needs to be more front and center across the nation. She has been pushing for an active discussion on the matter within congress, along with many of the representatives of both parties.


DeVos will continue to be a polite, yet powerful activist within the education field in this country. Her pushes for a debate following the shooting in Florida, her concerns on issues she disagrees with from the president, and her long work with school funding for students make it clear she will be a strong education secretary.


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