Doe Deere – How She Created Lime Crime

Doe Deere’s makeup line is a result of her clothing line. When she modeled her clothes, she sought makeup that appealed to her tastes. When she couldn’t find it, she decided to make her own. Hence, Lime Crime was born.


Now, Doe Deere is the makeup world’s Unicorn Queen in charge of the makeup line, Lime Crime. She started Lime Crime online in 2008. It is now a cruelty-free, certified vegan bright and colorful makeup line. Lime Crime carries eye shadow palettes, lip gloss, nail polish, loose pigments, liquid liners and hair dye.


Lime Crime is the makeup often in a purple container. As Doe Deere notes, Purple represents creativity. She chose the unicorn as her mascot, which represents individuality, compassion and rare beauty.


Lime Crime is now available online and in retail stores in the United States and in many other countries. In 2008, Doe Deere started selling her clothes on eBay and in a year she started making a profit. She launched her makeup that same year with eye shadow, blush, glitter, primers and fine brushes. She also started an online tutorial to teach clients how to wear the makeup. The line took off by 2009 and she hasn’t looked back since.


Doe Deere says she knew makeup would be where she would focus her energies when she saw the response from the customer. After producing her tutorials, she received a huge positive response from her followers. She started staging online giveaways of makeup and jewelry. That simply increased her following. She now has three million followers on Instagram.


She learned from that experience that you should always listen to your customer. She takes criticism in stride and uses it to help her grow. Doe Deere always responds to her customer in social media or in her advertising, so the customer always feels that she cares what her customer thinks.


Going forward in business, Doe Deere notes that tough decisions always come up and when they do, she makes the best decision she can. Recently, when she had to chose a new laboratory for her growing business, she sought chemists that shared her vision as well as those that were good technicians. After making the decision, she felt free to experiment with new colors for the line.


Deere believes the colors you put on your face should inspire you and bring out the best version of you that’s possible. Deere focused on finding a specific niche for Lime Crime’s makeup. Her specific niche is fantasy, vegan-friendly cosmetics. Doe Deere loves creating the accouterments of a fantasy, like the vision she had for her latest addition the Alchemy line. Alchemy is composed of swirling potions in shades of burning coppers with purples and poisonous greens.


Doe Deere wants to never lose the ability to fantasize. She sees her future as one based on her ability to dream and imagine bigger and brighter things. She still loves whimsy, which is why she chose the name, “lime Crime” for her makeup line.


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