The National Steel Car Is Still Growing Under CEO Gregory Aziz


The National Steel Car is one of the oldest companies in North America. It was started in June 1912 by Sir John Gibson and five other entrepreneurs. These are the people who spotted the opportunities that were available at the time in the rail industry. The railway was the main mode of transport at the time. There was a booming business for these companies at the time, and the National Steel Car was established to also benefit from the industry.

When they first created the factory, it was known as Imperial Car Company. A month later it was renamed the National Steel Car. It is a private company which controls a significant portion of the engineering and manufacturing activities of the rail industry in North America.

The National Steel Car has maintained a close link with the customers because of its focus on the quality of products. For the past one century, they have gained recognition for producing the highest quality products. It is not an easy an easy fit making it in the engineering and manufacturing industry since it is one of the areas that have been greatly affected by the changes that happen in the technology sector. Companies which have made it through the changes must have strong leaders. Go To This Page for more information.

The National Steel Car is committed to maintaining the top spot as the leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars. Looking at the path that the company has taken for the past one century, its commitment to the customers stands out. The quality of the products they churn out is still one of the best in the industry. Their commitment to good quality products has been recognized through the TTX SECO Awards. The national Steel Car has received this award for the past one decade back to back. It has also received ISO certification for maintaining the best practices in its production work.

About Gregory Aziz

Greg James Aziz is one of the influential leader in the rail industry across North America. He is the CEO of the National Steel Car, a fete that would not have been possible with other people. He is among the people who would like to make it in the industry no matter what.

He has made sure that the industry remains relevant. Even with technological innovations, he is still maintaining his dedication to the industry. Gregory James Aziz about the National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994.


Domestic and International Food Service Company, OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions Group is based in Aurora, Illinois. It was founded by German Immigrant Otto Kolschowski in 1909. It is a meat processing company. It first started out as a neighborhood meat market that serviced customers with high quality meat. OSI Group grew rapidly when it started supplying meat patties for the new and young McDonald’s in town.

They now has over 20,000 employees in many different countries. It supplies meat patties, bacon, fish, poultry, hot dogs, vegetable products and pizza, to retail and food service companies worldwide. Forbes said OSI Food Solutions is America’s 58th largest privately-owned company.

OSI Food Solutions made the list of top 100 companies in America by delivering the highest quality services and products. It has an annual sales record of over $6.1 billion. In 2016, OSI won the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor award. It has won many other awards as well. The OSI Group, with its wide selection of quality products, has helped to modernize food services internationally. They have produced quality foods for over 100 years to businesses worldwide, and have become a leader in the food service industry.

The company expanded when they bought BAHO Foods and the Tyson Food Plant. The expansion was into both the domestic and new foreign markets. With the buying of these two companies, OSI could offer better and more career opportunities to their employees. OSI Food Solutions has been a major supply of meats to western food chains including Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, Subway, Pizza Hut and other businesses in China.

In the United States, OSI has a number of plants including, Chicago, West Chicago and Geneva, Illinois, Riverside, California, West Jordan, Utah, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, and Oakland, Iowa. In each of these facilities, OSI produces and co-packs private label and brand name foods.

Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, Illinois, was bought out by OSI Group for $7.4 million. Alison Kovaleski, an OSI Group spokeswoman said, the 200,000-sqluare foot plant they just bought is close to their other Chicago facilities. The new building will provide a great infrastructure that will support OSI’s continued growth. Our customer needs will be met with the new and improved facilities. Executive Vice President, Kevin Scott, for OSI North America, said that the facility is going to be an exciting part of the manufacturing network for OSI.

OSI Food Solutions is a privately held company. It makes a variety of meat products in 65 facilities in 17 countries. They supply to their customers breakfast sausage, bacon and other food products for retail brands, and food services.