Marathon Pharmaceuticals innovate new needle-free delivery of anesthetics

Marathon Pharmaceuticals is a company in the medical industry that is conducting research in the treatment of rare medical conditions. These conditions have a disadvantage of lacking developed treatments making it hard for the people who suffer from to get access to medication. Marathon is interested in the small population that face challenges of these diseases. The research work they are carrying out is focused on developing treatments for the hard to cure diseases. They also explore possibilities of developing medication band therapies for diseases such as cancer and neurological disorders among others.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals has its headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois. They have opened the Marathon Bioscience Center which is located in Chicago and which will deal with research work. The facility will be responsible for the development of treatments for endocrine deficiencies, gastrointestinal diseases, central nervous system, cancer and many others. The research work is true to the mission of Marathon Pharmaceutical. Their goal is to develop treatments for rare conditions and other diseases with unmet medical conditions. The new facility is located near MATTER, a hub for biotechnology research.


Marathon has been developing crucial medications which have never been before. They have already developed a couple of medications such as Amytal Sodium which is used in the treatment of insomnia. They also create another medication known as Seconal Sodium a short-term treatment of insomnia during surgical operations.


Another medication that this company creates is PEPCID, a medication which reduces the amount of acid in the patient’s stomach. This medication helps patients to fight-off heartburn in a shorter time. Doctors recommend this medication for treatment of ulcers though for short-term periods.


The most popular product from Marathon Pharmaceuticals is ZiNGO. It is a device which facilitates delivery of needle-free anesthetic to control venous access pain. This medication is good for children who might not be ready to take needle injections.


The innovation from Marathon Pharmaceuticals is going to change the way anesthetic is delivered in the medical industry. The new way is innovative and has the potential to change the whole industry. Marathon is truly living up to its promise of helping the people get new medications.


Jeff Aronin: The Urgency of Change

It is often a hopeless situation when an individual is diagnosed with a rare illness that often has little or no therapy available. CEO of Paragon Bioscience Jeff Aronin refused to accept the fact that people where essentially being told sorry but there’s nothing here for you. Jeff Aronin has set his mind on discovering through rarely used therapies new forms of relieving or curing this illness.


In order to do this, Jeff Aronin has assembled multiple companies under the Paragon Bioscience umbrella to tackle some of the rarest diseases in the world. Each Company has it’s own leadership and agendas, but all are aiming towards that end goal of finding working medical solutions. Progress has already been seen in the development and approval of medical therapies formed by Paragon Bioscience, so much so that the FDA has approved many of these already.


The work is not done yet, Jeff Aronin has stated that the approval of the FDA is great, but the work continues and we can do better. Better for Aronin and his company is providing financial aid for research teams all over the globe seeking to accelerate and continue their work, as time is very important for patients suffering at home with little or no relief. The goal for Jeff Aronin has always been to assist others and in this life course Aronin has reached out further than simply the companies and researchers, but to the patients themselves. He has improved the access to medical assistance to those in rural areas and always urges his companies to treat patients with the utmost respect. So much so that Paragon Bioscience will hire people living with a rare illness to improve the understanding between patient and medicine, it speaks volumes as to the character of Jeff Aronin and the dedication given by the multiple branches of Paragon Bioscience.


Matt Badiali Warns about High OIl Prices

Many Americans have been getting a little worried about gas prices, as they have been slowly creeping up. Matt Badiali is a financial expert who specializes in natural resources and he believes that Americans are going to feel even more pain soon at the pump. He feels that oil prices are going to rise since the United States terminated the Iran nuclear deal. Matt Badiali spent twenty years of his life studying and working as a geologist. He traveled all over the world examining natural resource assets of large companies. There are many people who take his warnings seriously and are heeding his advice about a possible major rise in oil prices.

The United States had made a deal with Iran in 2015 which ended the trade sanctions on Iran. President Donald Trump had stated that the deal was harmful to America and so the deal was terminated. The US is going to impose sanctions once again on Iran unless a new deal is made. The sanctions are scheduled to take effect in November. Trump has also warned that the US will refuse business to any country that ignores the sanctions. Matt Badiali believes imposing sanctions on Iran could upset the entire oil market around the world. Iran has been producing around two million barrels of oil a day. It will be very hard to replace a two million barrel a day deficit of oil.

Although it is possible that the sanctions could impact the global oil market, some experts disagree with the analysis provided by Matt Badiali. Some analysts say that there is already close to a million barrels of surplus oil on the market daily and that even with Iran out of the picture the price of oil should remain steady. Matt Badiali says that even if there is a surplus of oil currently on the market, it would only take one disruption in the oil market to cause oil to skyrocket higher once Iran is out of the picture. China has already stated that they will ignore any sanctions the US places on Iran and there are other countries who plan stand with China on this issue.

Yanni Hufnagel: When Life Gives You Lemons, Trade Them Pt.2

Having been offered the assistant graduate position at the University of Oklahoma, Yanni Hufnagel said, “Having never played, this was what I thought was an opportunity I just couldn’t turn down, a chance to get my foot in the door and see what I can make of it.” During his first two years with the University of Oklahoma, the Sooners advanced not only to the second round of the NCAA tournament but also made the Elite Eight with a total of 53 games won.


While at the University of Oklahoma, Hufnagel says he really got his handle on recruiting by overseeing all of the recruiting mailouts and recruiting databases. He goes on to say that recruiting is more than just convincing kids to play basketball for your school. Hufnagel stresses that it’s about school, life, and family when he’s trying to get kids to join his team. In an interview, Hufnagel said, “ And that’s what I love about it. Those relationships, if you are ever fortunate enough to carry those over and coach them, it becomes a lifelong relationship.”


Following the University of Oklahoma, Hufnagel was offered an assistant coaching position at Harvard University. This opened a whole, new world for Hufnagel which allowed him to work with players of his own. With this opportunity, Hufnagel was able to really put into practice his recruiting abilities. Recruitment for an Ivy League college can be quite challenging due to them not offering athletic scholarships for their students. Did that stop Hufnagel? You guessed it; Absolutely not! Hufnagel’s goal while at Harvard was to find high school students who had never considered going to an Ivy League college and who wanted to be first-round NBA draft picks. One of the students Hufnagel helped recruit, Zena Edosomwan, was voted as a top-100 player in his class by


According to Hufnagel, “At the end of the day, it’s about the power of the relationship that you build and I take pride in that,” Hufnagel said. “And also having a relentless work ethic. If you can do those two things, you’re going to be a very effective recruiter.”


Betsy Devos: the new Education Secretary

There is the Betsy DeVos the media knows. Then there is the Betsy DeVos who is a political fighter, passionate about education, who has plunged full-force into her job as the U.S. Secretary of Education.


She is polite, treats others with respect and defers to authority even though she disagrees on some issues. For instance, she disagreed with the Trump administration over rescinding the federal policy that allowed students identifying as a different gender to use facilities of their choice. Yet, there was never a public rift between her and the president.


Yet, those who know DeVos say she is anything but meek. In fact, they say she is someone to be feared for her political prowess as well as her determination.


“I found Betsy to be very determined, steely when she sets her mind on a goal,” said former Michigan state attorney general Mike Cox.


The media, which routinely portrayed her during her confirmation process as lacking in government experience and no public education knowledge, is discovering they perhaps underestimated the Michigan native.


DeVos got involved in politics and education in the 1990s when she served on two nonprofits to promote education reform. She and her husband, Dick, helped to pass the first charter school bill in Michigan. She also chaired the Michigan Republican Party for several years and started the Great Lakes Education Project.


DeVos was raised to be a reformer. Her father, Prince of the Prince empire, was a conservative Christian. She was raised in Holland, Mich., and the cities ties to Netherland culture is given as one possible reason for her activism.


The education secretary has been on the move since she took over the department. She has been visiting schools, both public and charter, around the country to gain a grasp on how to improve the system. She went to Miami in 2017 and toured both traditional public schools, private Christian schools and a charter school established by rapper Pitbull a.k.a Armando Christian Perez.


The DeVoses continue to support causes privately. The couple has donated more than $139 million to education, cultural and political causes over their lifetimes. They gave approximately $11.6 million in 2015, the most recent year public records are available.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong is A Key Member in The Growth And Success Of


Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and the Chief Executive of one of the leading e-commerce platform in China, He doubles of as the Chairman of the executive board of the leaders who govern the operations of the organization. Liu’s influence across the board is important to the extent that he has the capacity to control more than 80% of the voting patterns, which makes him a vital member in the decision making process.

Richard Liu is reported to have a net worth of more than $11 billion by the Forbes Magazine, which is a trusted and reliable news source that rarely puts its foot wrong. The experienced online retailer has been able to spearhead the company to the point that it has emerged as the largest online retail outlet in China. This means that the company has positioned itself as a real competitor, which has been able to outperform other organizations trying to capture the market. continues to excel and expand under the guidance of Richard Liu Qiangdong, who, besides working as the Chief Executive Officer and the founder, he is also the chairperson of the organization. This means that he has the capacity to represent the organization in any meeting around the world and at any capacity. is currently reported to be worth more than $57.6 billion, which lists it as the most valued e-commerce platform in the Asian country.

Liu Quiangdong has been able to help the organization to make some critical decisions about its progress. One of the main decisions made by the company is selling a significant proportion of its stock to one of the leading retail outlet in the world, Walmart. The United States retail outlet is said to own more than 12 percent of the company’s stakes, which means that it has the capacity to influence the decisions made by the entity.

However, Richard Liu Qiangdong made sure that the money acquired by selling its stake to Walmart did not go to waste but was invested wisely. is said to have invested more than $397 million in Farfetch, with the aim of ensuring that the two organizations benefited from one another.

An interview called “An Insight, An Idea” sits down with Richard Liu to discuss his career and how he has transformed the retail industry. His company is now one of the largest retailers in all of China and it has been very successful.


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Alternatives In Knee Replacement Surgery

Everyone has heard of knee replacement surgery. In recent years it has become a routine procedure to doctors like Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum. Many patients are opting for the replacement surgery and some are having issues with the postoperative care and healing. The total knee replacement surgery is invasive and timely. However, most patients have great success after a few months of rehabilitative treatments and continued exercising leading to living a more productive life than before surgery.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has developed and is advocating partial knee replacement to help prevent long healing and extensive surgery time. According to his recent surgery successes, patients are recovering more rapidly than with a total knee replacement surgery. He is highly trained in replacement procedures and has extensive experience in replacing joints. His knowledge includes, hips, knees, complex revision joint replacement, and arthroscopic surgeries to name a few. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has perfected the partial replacement surgeries as well. He is a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.


He has not only developed the procedures but has also designed instruments that play an important role in the surgical procedure. He is very confident and has performed several of these procedures with great success. His patients highly recommend him and his philosophy to only replace the diseased part of the joint, not the whole thing. Proper diagnosis and patient health conditions also play a factor into the success of the surgery. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum takes everything into consideration before and after the surgery so the patient will receive the best treatment.


Brightline, a company owned by Fortress Investment Group, has reached a funding of $1.75 billion to expand its’ passenger rail system from Miami, FL to West Palm Beach and then to Orlando. Other cities considered for future stops may include Cocoa Beach, Fort Pierce, Seabastien, Stuart, and Vero Beach.

None of these additions to the expansion of the rail network would have been possible without the help of Fortress Investment Group, the primary investor in Brightline. Based in New York, the Fortress Investment Group focuses on managing investments, specializing in alternative assets in private equity, liquid hedge and credit funds.

The investment group drives toward diversification through a global investment management strategy. Fortress utilizes the expertise across a large spectrum of investment opportunities. This includes private equity, credit, liquid markets, and even asset management. Currently, there are over 1,500 investors and private clients make up their worldwide portfolio.

As if the experience in Florida was not enough to show the success of intelligent strategic maneuvers, Fortress has invested wisely into a transportation company, XpressWest, purchased by Brightline, to work on a previously blocked project to link Las Vegas with Victorville, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles. With the assistance of Fortress Investment Group, the dream has become a reality. By 2022, the rail connection between Las Vegas- Victorville will bring a plethora of jobs in both California and Nevada. as well as increase visitation dollars for Las Vegas. The same holds true for Florida, where the job market is scarce.

In addition to the interest in transportation, Fortress has unveiled a plan to help fund developers embark on a $2.5 billion in Times Square, focusing on a new branding and retail project. Known as TSX Broadway, the large project includes a new 550k SF, will be a virtual tapestry of promotion for brands such as Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Samsung, Alibaba, Disney, and Wal-Mart.

Fortress Investments has shown time and time again how they champion projects for the future, allowing opportunities for jobs, expansion of growth, and tourist dollars. The main goal of the investment firm is to build wealth which can be shared and used toward even more functional and profitable projects, paving the way into a promising and innovative future.

Matt Badiali is a Leading Investment Advisor

Matt Badiali is renowned in the investment world because of the great things he has achieved. Today, he is working at the Banyan Hill Publishing where he serves as an editor. He is also the founder of Real Wealth Strategist. Through the platforms, he shares a lot of knowledge concerning market trends and how investors can invest best in the available opportunities. Matt went to prestigious institutions and gathered a lot of experience which he has been using to learn a lot in the investment world. For example, he was at the Penn State University and successfully studied his degree in earth sciences. He also went to Florida University where he furthered his education and obtained his Masters in geology.

His involvement at the Banyan Hill Publishing has been crucial because he has contributed to the publication of various journals which are helpful to readers. He is an excellent geologist, and he has been focusing on natural resources. It is through his work that he has helped many people to make the right investment decision after understanding the value of the investment. Matt Badiali has also been an entrepreneur, and he started a newsletter that is helpful when it comes to looking at the best stocks. Freedom Checks is one of the investment opportunities that Matt Badiali has recently discovered. It is an opportunity that enables investors to receive their profits through quarterly and monthly programs.

It is also possible to boost the benefits received by the investors because of several factors. He has been guiding those interested in investing in these opportunities to understand what they need. Matt Badiali is an investor who has a sound knowledge of natural resources because he has worked in the industry for more than twenty years. That is why he has gained the knowledge and experience needed to invest in the field. He has helped customers to get profits, and those who have been following his advice have obtained a lot of benefits and advantages. Matt believes in working hard and advises those who want to succeed in life should work hard and smart, and they will achieve their goals.