Jeff Aronin: The Urgency of Change

It is often a hopeless situation when an individual is diagnosed with a rare illness that often has little or no therapy available. CEO of Paragon Bioscience Jeff Aronin refused to accept the fact that people where essentially being told sorry but there’s nothing here for you. Jeff Aronin has set his mind on discovering through rarely used therapies new forms of relieving or curing this illness.


In order to do this, Jeff Aronin has assembled multiple companies under the Paragon Bioscience umbrella to tackle some of the rarest diseases in the world. Each Company has it’s own leadership and agendas, but all are aiming towards that end goal of finding working medical solutions. Progress has already been seen in the development and approval of medical therapies formed by Paragon Bioscience, so much so that the FDA has approved many of these already.


The work is not done yet, Jeff Aronin has stated that the approval of the FDA is great, but the work continues and we can do better. Better for Aronin and his company is providing financial aid for research teams all over the globe seeking to accelerate and continue their work, as time is very important for patients suffering at home with little or no relief. The goal for Jeff Aronin has always been to assist others and in this life course Aronin has reached out further than simply the companies and researchers, but to the patients themselves. He has improved the access to medical assistance to those in rural areas and always urges his companies to treat patients with the utmost respect. So much so that Paragon Bioscience will hire people living with a rare illness to improve the understanding between patient and medicine, it speaks volumes as to the character of Jeff Aronin and the dedication given by the multiple branches of Paragon Bioscience.


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