Marathon Pharmaceuticals innovate new needle-free delivery of anesthetics

Marathon Pharmaceuticals is a company in the medical industry that is conducting research in the treatment of rare medical conditions. These conditions have a disadvantage of lacking developed treatments making it hard for the people who suffer from to get access to medication. Marathon is interested in the small population that face challenges of these diseases. The research work they are carrying out is focused on developing treatments for the hard to cure diseases. They also explore possibilities of developing medication band therapies for diseases such as cancer and neurological disorders among others.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals has its headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois. They have opened the Marathon Bioscience Center which is located in Chicago and which will deal with research work. The facility will be responsible for the development of treatments for endocrine deficiencies, gastrointestinal diseases, central nervous system, cancer and many others. The research work is true to the mission of Marathon Pharmaceutical. Their goal is to develop treatments for rare conditions and other diseases with unmet medical conditions. The new facility is located near MATTER, a hub for biotechnology research.


Marathon has been developing crucial medications which have never been before. They have already developed a couple of medications such as Amytal Sodium which is used in the treatment of insomnia. They also create another medication known as Seconal Sodium a short-term treatment of insomnia during surgical operations.


Another medication that this company creates is PEPCID, a medication which reduces the amount of acid in the patient’s stomach. This medication helps patients to fight-off heartburn in a shorter time. Doctors recommend this medication for treatment of ulcers though for short-term periods.


The most popular product from Marathon Pharmaceuticals is ZiNGO. It is a device which facilitates delivery of needle-free anesthetic to control venous access pain. This medication is good for children who might not be ready to take needle injections.


The innovation from Marathon Pharmaceuticals is going to change the way anesthetic is delivered in the medical industry. The new way is innovative and has the potential to change the whole industry. Marathon is truly living up to its promise of helping the people get new medications.


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