Eric Lefkofsky Offers Solutions in the Medical Field

Eric Lefkofsky, establisher, and CEO of Tempus which is a top giver of technology permitted care in the medicine resolutions. He was also part of the founding alliances of Light bank which was a venture fund that capitalizes in disorderly technologies. Eric also came up with Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN), current an e commerce marketplace and partnered in the founding of Mediaocean, which has been among the best benefactors of integrated media technology which has been procured, Echo Global Logistics that has been technology permitted in transportation and outsourcing logistics of the firm. He is a co-founder of the Inner Workings that is an international dealer that manages printed and promotional resolutions of investors.

By the year 2006, Eric Lefkofsky founded Lefkofsky Family Foundation which was a sequestered benevolent organization. He partnered with his wife Liz and brought about high expectations through the organization to the lives of the people in the societies that they assisted. Eric worked as a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Art Institute of Chicago, World Business Chicago and Museum of Science and Industry.About Eric Lefkofsky, he is the chairman leading the board of trustees in Steppenwolf Theatre industry in Chicago. He has authored a book entitled Accelerated Disruption.

Eric graduated from the University of Michigan where he was apprehended Juris Doctor at the University of Michigan School of law. He co-founded and gave out $1million to fund a collective site that was established by Andrew Mason. Eric also assisted upcoming enterprises and guided them to most  successful investments. changed their name to, and Eric Lefkofsky became the CEO in 2013 which he later turned down in 2016 and became the chairman. By the year 2014, he had also helped in the formation of Uptake, an analytics company. He was included in the expert team that assisted in bringing Summer Olympics to Chicago in 2016.

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