EOS Lip Balm- Chronicle Week

How Did Eos Lip Balm Quickly Become Our Go To Lip Treatment?

Before the colorful orbs hit the beauty aisle, lip balms such as Chapstick and Blistex owned the market. However, once eos moved into the beauty aisle, there was no looking back. Ten years later, they are still on top. How did they get there so fast?


Prior to eos hitting the shelves, a lot of marketing research went into the product. Co-founders, Jonathon Teller and Sajiv Mehra, set out to discover what consumers really wanted and needed. It did not take them long to discover that women did not have a lip balm just for them. Once they realized that one of the major complaints of women was that they could never find their lip balm in the person, Teller and Mehra quickly realized that the shape of the lip balm had to be a top priority. That is how the orb was created. Its shape is different from most other things found in a woman’s bag. Teller and Mehra also found out that women care about how things smell, taste, and feel. This meant that they needed flavors.

Social media

Even though market research played a big role in the success of eos, social media played an important role. It did not take celebrities and other influential people to discover these little orbs and of course, they headed straight to social media. Music artists were using the orbs in their videos, and bloggers were writing about them, and famous people were seen using the product. This gave social media users around the world immediate exposure and women everywhere quickly fell in love with the little orbs.