Clay Sieagall’s inspiration behind Seattle Genetics.

Good health is a primary need for every human being, and apart from being able to access healthcare, there is also a high responsibility on health practitioners to ensure that matters concerning health research and advancement. Many companies have come up with excellent and life-saving technologies. One such company is Seattle genetics. Seattle Genetics was established around 1998 by a group of professionals, researchers, and doctors.

Clay Sieagall is one of the co-founders of Seattle genetics; he has contributed significantly to the growth of the company. He also serves in the capacity of the president as well as the CEO and this positions have given him an opportunity to influence positive change.

Clay Sieagall has a strong background in genetics that have helped him, to become what he is today he attained a degree in zoology in University of Maryland and later advanced at George Washington University where he received a Ph. D in genetics.

Being at the forefront in the establishment of such an institution such as Seattle, we sought to understand where Clay got the inspiration and understand his journey in the company as well understand what Seattle Genetics aims to achieve in the health sector.

Life experiences influence some of our major decisions in life this was the case with Clay after watching his father struggle with cancer for almost four years; he got the inspiration to make a difference and help other people suffering from cancer and give families hope. Once he received his first degree, he sought to advance his skills and apart from education putting in to practice what he had learned would help him make a difference in coming up with a treatment that would help cancer patients, and this is how the idea to establish Seattle genetics came to be.

As an entrepreneur who seeks to make a difference in the society one thing that Clay Siegall recommends to other people aspiring to venture into business is; work closely with people from different industries. This will help expand your knowledge and increase possibilities in his case Clay seeks to find a treatment for cancer, and it is essential for him to not only work with doctors but include technology that will contribute positively towards his course.