Go On A Tour Of Rainy Tokyo With Kim Dao and Keira Ashley

Beauty vlogger Kim Dao has a lot of friends in the YouTube community. One such friend is Keira Ashley, another Australian YouTuber currently living in Japan. In one of Kim’s more recent vlogs, she takes viewers on a tour of Shibuya with Keira.


On this particular day it’s raining heavily in the Japanese capital. Kim Dao shows us what the famous Shibuya Crossing looks like on a somewhat gloomy day.Learn more : http://www.yummyjapan.net/creator/kimdaovlog


In the next shot, Kim Dao is with Keira at a conveyer-belt restaurant called Genki Sushi. Regular viewers of Kim Dao’s vlog channel already know how much she loves this convenient restaurant. Kim orders a few sushi rolls and sips on some warm green tea.Learn more : https://www.pinterest.com/kimdaoblog


After the two friends are done eating their sushi, they head out to do some shopping. Kim Dao first goes into a Daiso shop to purchase beauty products and kitchenware. She also decides to buy a pink weight measurer for luggage and some groceries.Learn more : https://twitter.com/kimdaoblog?lang=en


As she walks home, Kim Dao shows us the streets of Tokyo at nighttime. All of the people walking around these streets still have their umbrellas up. Kim Dao says it’s an extremely miserable and wet day in Tokyo. However, she says she made the best of the bad weather with her friend Keira.


At the end of the video, Kim Dao goes through a mini supermarket haul. A few of the items Kim Dao bought include kimchi, chili oil, coffee, meat, and soy sauce. She says she is going to have hot pot tonight for dinner.