Kim Dao Reveals Items from Her Korean Makeup Shopping Haul

Kim Dao features the makeup products that she purchased and received as gifts on her recent trip to South Korea in this video. Kim Dao splits up the video into two portions. The first round of products that she features are skin care items, and then she reveals the makeup products in the second phase. Kim Dao reveals the VDL Lumilayer Primer first. She mentions that it gives off a dewy finish that she loves. Kim Dao also mentions that the primer is very moisturizing to the skin. The INNISFREE Cushion Base is the second primer that Kim Dao features, and as she rubs it in you can see that it gives off a white undertone for a brighter look. The HERA Cushion Base is featured in a very glam package. As Kim Dao applies it she comments on how the coverage that it provides is medium, but it works really well for dry skin because of its moisturizing power. The first concealer that she reveals is just downright neat. It operates similar to a mechanical pencil, by pushing the bottom of the tube the concealer pumps out on the other end. The application is easy and fun, as Kim Dao demonstrates in the video.

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