The Path Of Humility As Laid Out By Paul Herdsman

One of the dangers of being an entrepreneur is that this can bring forth a lot of pride. A lot of entrepreneurs might find themselves preferring to work along believing that they are the only one that can understand their business. While it is true that each and every business is its own unique entity, there are aspects of the business that are the same as every other business. For instance, marketing and data analysis are important parts of every business, and it can require the help of individuals who are more experienced with this type of work.


Fortunately, experienced entrepreneurs like Paul Herdsman have laid out a bunch of tips that can help with success. As a matter of fact, some of these tips when brought together can form a path of humility. Among the tips that are actually quite humbling are find a mentor and build the right team. These tips are based on Paul Herdsman’s struggles as a young entrepreneur, particularly his realizing that he is going to need to allow others to handle some of the different aspects of his business. This has encouraged Paul Herdsman to hire a team and learn how to lead.


Paul Herdsman is the Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global. NICE Global is part of an all-star team dedicated to ensuring that its clients are monetizing their online traffic and getting the highest return on their marketing spend. Throughout a successful career Paul Herdsman has developed aa plethora of corporate wisdom that he expresses, some of which are discussed in this article. Go To This Page for more information.


One of the reasons that Paul Herdsman has suggested getting a mentor is so that one can have access to some insight from someone on the outside looking in. One of the reasons that this is so valuable is that entrepreneurs are extremely close to their business. Therefore, they only have perspective from the standpoint of the business. When finding a mentor, the best type of person to find is someone who is a good listener and is very trustworthy. That way, one will feel comfortable with the type of mentoring they receive from the person of their choice when it comes to their business. You can read more about Paul Herdsman and his business philosophies at Paul Herdsman Business Tips.



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Robert Deignan Puts ATS Digital Services Name In AppEsteem’s Certification List

There’s a lot of demand for remote desktop computer repair services because in a day and age that malware is becoming more widespread and sophisticated, your device is always better off being serviced by a certified technician. Robert Deignan owns a company known as ATS Digital Services that has resolved all kinds of issues remotely, and now he’s making sure everyone knows it is certified by a highly trusted app verifier known as AppEsteem. This organisation does a lot of checks and protocols on IT Service companies to make sure they abide by top service standards and uphold strong customer relationship ethics. Deignan now has another certification to go with his other Microsoft and Cisco certifications.

Robert Deignan works at finding new ways to make call center communication between customers and technicians more effective so that computer problems are resolved much smoother. He said he got the idea for his company because he and some fellow team members at an antivirus software company had run into issues trying to help a customer install the software but realized it was being halted by a virus that had already taken hold of the computer. So he decided it made more sense to have a virus removal company with software where live assistants could clean out the malware first and then install the new software.

Robert Deignan attended Purdue University where his first thought coming out of high school was to become a punter in the NFL. He played that position at Purdue and actually was on the rosters of the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets briefly, but he soon realized his future was in the IT business. He began working as a support specialist at several companies including a brief period with sports software website Fantast. ATS Digital Services was founded in the late 2000s and the customers they service include a broad range of small businesses, large firms and even just individual computer owners. Deignan is also an outdoor enthusiast who won a fishing tournament not long ago.

Penelope Kokkinides champions for Medicaid Advantage increased funding

Penelope Kokkinides is the current Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Innovacare, Inc. Before becoming the CAO, she had been the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in the organization and COO of Aveta Inc. She had served as Clinical Operation’s Vice- President. Penelope has over 20 years’ experience in healthcare, specializing in the managed care industry and government programs. Her knowledge and skills spread over clinical programs development and healthcare management processes, with a bias in organizational infrastructure and efficiencies improvement.


Before rejoining Innovacare Healthcare in 2013, she was Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Centerlight Healthcare, overseeing management as well as strategic direction of the managed care department. Penelope has worked at Touchstone Health as COO and at Americhoice as Corporate Vice President, heading Care Management and Disease Management. Americhoice is UnitedHealth Group’s business unit where Penelope developed and implemented the firm’s health model.


Penelope Kokkinides has a bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University where she studied classical languages and biological sciences. She holds a master’s degree from New York University where she specialized in social sciences and a public health master’s degree from the School of Public Health of Columbia University. Kokkinides studied substance and alcohol abuse in a post master’s degree program.


Recently, Penelope attended a White House meeting in which she discussed with President Trump and the CMS administrator, Seema Verma, on legislation of federal healthcare. In the session, Penelope deliberated with Seema and Trump on the importance of increasing Medicare Advantage funds in Puerto Rico. Since 2011, the federal funding for the Medicare Advantage had been reduced in Puerto Rico and had continued to drop over the last few years. Penelope affirmed her hope in the current administration that it would consider adjusting the payments for Medicare Advantage to facilitate their coming out of the predicament. She said that solving the federal funding cuts issue would not only be doing the right thing but also a responsible thing.


Medicare Advantage is the most famous plan in Puerto Rico, and Innovacare Heath has about 560,000 beneficiaries. The White House meeting focused on women’s significance in the healthcare sector. President Donald Trump recognizes that women play a crucial role in the American healthcare profession being that many are nurses and doctors. The meeting concluded with Seema Verma offering extremely favorable adjustment for the healthcare industry in Puerto Rico, which for Penelope was the administration sector’s significant contribution.


Sussex Healthcare Excited For New CEO

Sussex Healthcare has recently appointed a new chief executive officer. Her name is Amanda Morgan-Taylor and she has over 30 years of experience in the field of healthcare and social care. Ms. Morgan-Taylor is a mental health nurse and has also served as a managing director, quality development director, and a service manager in her years of experience. Ms. Morgan-Taylor is dedicated to the highest quality of service and compliance a facility is able to provide and she is always looking for ways to improve and bring new programs to the facilities of which she is a part.

Sussex Healthcare provides housing, meal service, and personal care in a home-like environment. The skilled staff at Sussex Healthcare is on call 24 hours a day and they provide care and services for the elderly, individuals with neurological disorders, people diagnosed with dementia, and those who have severe physical or learning disabilities. Sussex Healthcare has recently opened a cutting-edge gym for their residents which include underwater treadmills, personal trainers, and many other perks which are crafted to boost or preserve mobility and range of motion in their residents. Residents of the facility may participate in gardening activities, craft activities, and many other indoor or outdoor activities to keep their minds sharp. Each individual patient at Sussex Healthcare receives their own personalized plan to cater to their specific needs. Sussex Healthcare spans more than 20 different facilities across Sussex which are located in Horsham, Uckfield, East Grinstead, Billinghurst, and Henfield.


Sussex Healthcare has been providing care for individuals for over 25 years. During these many years of quality service, the care home has won several different awards which include The Triple Award and the Investors in People award. Sussex Healthcare Is also the exclusive independent care home provider in the United Kingdom to attain dual accreditation for both HQS and ISO 9000 2000.

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Clay Sieagall’s inspiration behind Seattle Genetics.

Good health is a primary need for every human being, and apart from being able to access healthcare, there is also a high responsibility on health practitioners to ensure that matters concerning health research and advancement. Many companies have come up with excellent and life-saving technologies. One such company is Seattle genetics. Seattle Genetics was established around 1998 by a group of professionals, researchers, and doctors.

Clay Sieagall is one of the co-founders of Seattle genetics; he has contributed significantly to the growth of the company. He also serves in the capacity of the president as well as the CEO and this positions have given him an opportunity to influence positive change.

Clay Sieagall has a strong background in genetics that have helped him, to become what he is today he attained a degree in zoology in University of Maryland and later advanced at George Washington University where he received a Ph. D in genetics.

Being at the forefront in the establishment of such an institution such as Seattle, we sought to understand where Clay got the inspiration and understand his journey in the company as well understand what Seattle Genetics aims to achieve in the health sector.

Life experiences influence some of our major decisions in life this was the case with Clay after watching his father struggle with cancer for almost four years; he got the inspiration to make a difference and help other people suffering from cancer and give families hope. Once he received his first degree, he sought to advance his skills and apart from education putting in to practice what he had learned would help him make a difference in coming up with a treatment that would help cancer patients, and this is how the idea to establish Seattle genetics came to be.

As an entrepreneur who seeks to make a difference in the society one thing that Clay Siegall recommends to other people aspiring to venture into business is; work closely with people from different industries. This will help expand your knowledge and increase possibilities in his case Clay seeks to find a treatment for cancer, and it is essential for him to not only work with doctors but include technology that will contribute positively towards his course.

Doe Deere – How She Created Lime Crime

Doe Deere’s makeup line is a result of her clothing line. When she modeled her clothes, she sought makeup that appealed to her tastes. When she couldn’t find it, she decided to make her own. Hence, Lime Crime was born.


Now, Doe Deere is the makeup world’s Unicorn Queen in charge of the makeup line, Lime Crime. She started Lime Crime online in 2008. It is now a cruelty-free, certified vegan bright and colorful makeup line. Lime Crime carries eye shadow palettes, lip gloss, nail polish, loose pigments, liquid liners and hair dye.


Lime Crime is the makeup often in a purple container. As Doe Deere notes, Purple represents creativity. She chose the unicorn as her mascot, which represents individuality, compassion and rare beauty.


Lime Crime is now available online and in retail stores in the United States and in many other countries. In 2008, Doe Deere started selling her clothes on eBay and in a year she started making a profit. She launched her makeup that same year with eye shadow, blush, glitter, primers and fine brushes. She also started an online tutorial to teach clients how to wear the makeup. The line took off by 2009 and she hasn’t looked back since.


Doe Deere says she knew makeup would be where she would focus her energies when she saw the response from the customer. After producing her tutorials, she received a huge positive response from her followers. She started staging online giveaways of makeup and jewelry. That simply increased her following. She now has three million followers on Instagram.


She learned from that experience that you should always listen to your customer. She takes criticism in stride and uses it to help her grow. Doe Deere always responds to her customer in social media or in her advertising, so the customer always feels that she cares what her customer thinks.


Going forward in business, Doe Deere notes that tough decisions always come up and when they do, she makes the best decision she can. Recently, when she had to chose a new laboratory for her growing business, she sought chemists that shared her vision as well as those that were good technicians. After making the decision, she felt free to experiment with new colors for the line.


Deere believes the colors you put on your face should inspire you and bring out the best version of you that’s possible. Deere focused on finding a specific niche for Lime Crime’s makeup. Her specific niche is fantasy, vegan-friendly cosmetics. Doe Deere loves creating the accouterments of a fantasy, like the vision she had for her latest addition the Alchemy line. Alchemy is composed of swirling potions in shades of burning coppers with purples and poisonous greens.


Doe Deere wants to never lose the ability to fantasize. She sees her future as one based on her ability to dream and imagine bigger and brighter things. She still loves whimsy, which is why she chose the name, “lime Crime” for her makeup line.


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Entrepreneur Mike Baur Explains What It Takes To Succeed As A Business Owner

Mike Baur is a businessman in Switzerland. From the age of 16 until he was almost 40 years old he was in the banking industry. He says that the banking industry changed an extraordinary amount over those years, mainly because of the advance of technology. However, it was the global financial crash of 2008 which really altered things and not for the better.

It was at UBS Group AG that Mike Baur began his career in banking. He advanced into higher positions of authority at a lightning pace. After not that many years he was managing the investments of some of the wealthiest people in that country. This all ended, though, when the economy utterly collapsed in 2008. UBS Group had to get bailed out by the government which meant extreme changes took place at this private bank. Because of these changes he left this bank behind and joined another one, Clariden Leu.

In the six years that Mike Baur spent at Clariden Leu he found quite a bit of financial success. He got to work in the Bahnhofstrasse building which is one of the oldest and best buildings in that nation. However, the bank overall wasn’t doing well. Eventually, its parent company, Credit Suisse Group AG, closed the doors of this private bank which at the time was over 250 years old.

It was at this point that Mike Baur decided his passion lied elsewhere rather than in the banking industry. He decided to use his business skills and professional contacts to co-found a company which would help people start new companies in the technology industry. His company, Swiss Startup Factory, opened its doors in 2014. It has now helped many individuals through the earliest stages of getting a new company up on its feet.

It is tough to get a new business off the ground, he says, and it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to succeed. He says people should know going in that there will be long dry spells that you will need to motivate yourself through. Mike Baur says that it is these times that separate those who really want to own their own business and those who don’t. Getting through these spells will make you stronger, he says as both an entrepreneur as well as a person which is enough motivation in and of itself to make your way through these inevitable times.


Dr. Saad Saad Relives His Path to Surgical Bliss

The quick-witted and light-hearted Palestinian-born doctor now living in the US reveals his rough and winding journey to becoming one of the best pediatric surgeons America has ever seen. Dr. Saad is one of the eight children in his family. He is lucky to have been born into a family that valued education and career pursuits; although one could argue that it is the circumstances that pushed them even more to achieve all they could; just so they could move away from the strife and danger that surrounded them all the while when they were in the Middle East. He has two siblings who are qualified engineers. Three other siblings are qualified surgeons like him, one an ICU nurse and another one is a teacher. Now, it is not an easy thing being born in Palestine, not during his time as a child; yet that is a story for another time. Dr. Saad has survived the tide and become a respected pediatrician in Eatontown. He was raised in Kuwait he took his degree in medicine from Cairo University and later went to the UK for further studies. He moved to the US after completing his internship in England. Dr. Saad is a family man. Dr. Saad is a good example of brightness and endurance in one pack. He has been in the USA for over 45 years and has contributed to the growth of surgical procedures to a large extent.



Dr. Saad’s Professional and Career Activities



Dr. Saad has taken part in almost all important community functions you can think of. He developed a heart to help children. He has organized several medical camps in Jerusalem. Dr. Saad has patented two of his inventions and crafted a range of pediatric procedures. His procedures are used in many hospitals across the globe. Before doctor Saad retired, he worked at the K Hovnanian Children’s Hospital, Co-medical Director, and the Chief Surgeon. Dr. Saad explains that he was never to be a doctor at first. Learn more:



Dr. Saad’s Humble Beginnings and Career Hope



He had thought he was headed towards the career of his two other brothers. However, when he examined the environment in which they worked he decided that it would be his best choice of career. He points out that his brothers worked outside, on even days when they were doing 110 degrees. He decided that he would rather go for a career that would allow him to work from indoor locations. That’s how the young Saad settled on medicine and surgery. He there believed that surgery would allow him to work from indoors while enjoying the cooling effects of an air conditioner. It, therefore, means that he never even planned to work outside his country, let alone settle there, where the temperatures would probably be tolerable.


21st Century Brazilian Butt Lifts in Dallas For A Better Butt

We are living in some of the most modern of times. Innovative-technology is basically running the game on all levels and the medical industry is no exception. Butt lift surgery is at an all-time high, and it is reshaping the environment figuratively and literally. Dallas, Texas, certainly has a plethora of fine medical institutions that deal with this kind of procedure. The city is also home to an abundance of great cosmetic surgeons. If you’re thinking about getting a butt lift, then you should seriously consider coming to Dallas if you’re not already here.


State-of-the-art facilities and high-level medical personnel can be found all over Dallas. These professional have years of experience as well as extended resumes. You’ll be in great hands knowing that the best of the best is in charge of your specific cosmetic situation. Investing in yourself can be one of the best investments of all and the butt lift just so happens to be a great investment. Typically a traditional butt lift is a bit more expensive than a Brazilian butt lift. The reason being is because traditional butt lifts require more extensive work that deals with the tightening of underlying muscles, the trimming of excess skin and the removal of layers of fat. Regional locations, the actual surgeon of choice and your specific procedure can factor into the price range. “What items will I need during the recuperation process?” Generally speaking, patients will be given compression pants, antibiotics for the healing purposes, drainage tools and pain-killers.


During the healing process, you should avoid sitting directly on your butt and there should be absolutely no strenuous activities. The patient should also attend his/her doctor’s appointments or follow-up visits. In about four weeks, you should be able to go out in public and sport your very own, self-made derriere.


The Polite Yet Powerful Activism of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is the education secretary in the United States. She comes off as your typical sophisticated and well to do woman that are fairly simple to find in this nation. DeVos is seen as overly polite, and perhaps not someone who would seem like a natural fit for an important position in the deciding factors of education in the nation. First impressions such as the main consensus concerning DeVos are not something to use as an indicator on how she will handle her position. Looking over her history with education funding and her last year as education secretary, it is clear that Betsy DeVos is a well mannered and strong politically active woman concerning education.


DeVos has worked with education funding for many years. Her husband and Betsy began their mutual interest in education when they had their own children. They began setting up voucher programs and scholarships for students with potential, but not the means to reach their potential. This is what DeVos has vocalized as her goal to revolutionize the education system in this country.


DeVos was initially believed to be too well mannered to speak up or deviate from the president on education decisions. She has proven in her last year as education secretary that she is fully compatible with speaking up about her different opinion from the president. One example is her firm stance that transgender students should be permitted to use the restroom of the gender they identify with so they feel comfortable and safe while attending school. She did praise the president’s decision to remove the bathroom bill though, because it allows schools to make their own decision on this issue without the government making and forcing that decision.


Following the school shooting in Florida on Valentine’s Day, DeVos yet again proved herself as someone fit for her position. She spoke up immediately following the shooting that it should be discussed and that mental health needs to be more front and center across the nation. She has been pushing for an active discussion on the matter within congress, along with many of the representatives of both parties.


DeVos will continue to be a polite, yet powerful activist within the education field in this country. Her pushes for a debate following the shooting in Florida, her concerns on issues she disagrees with from the president, and her long work with school funding for students make it clear she will be a strong education secretary.


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