Success Academy Gives Students a Chance to Succeed

Since Success Academy was first started, they have been working to make sure that all of their students are able to be as successful as possible. This is a part of their mission and something that they have worked to do so that they will make the school system in New York City better than it was in the past. By creating Success Academy as a charter school, the company that runs the school is able to bring more opportunities to those who are attending the school and those who want to be able to enjoy everything that the school has to offer. Thanks to the opportunities that Success Academy has allowed people to enjoy, they are getting more out of the experience in the areas that they are in so that they will be able to grow with the school as time goes on and they can do more with the options that they have.


Recently, Success Academy put out information about the tests that the students take. Unlike at public schools in New York City, students who attended Success Academy were able to score higher than the state average on the tests that they took. This was indicative of the options that the school had and showed that they worked hard to be able to provide their students with the right tools to be able to succeed. They are getting more out of the tests than what public schools are and Success Academy doesn’t even focus on training their students to take tests.


In public schools in New York City, the curriculum is very test-driven. This is something that the students have to work hard to be able to get and something that they are constantly struggling with. For those who go to Success Academy, they are able to only work on the things that they are comfortable with. While they are not constantly being pushed to take tests, they are able to take them and they are able to score better than the public schools. Success Academy thinks this says something about their open curriculum for students.

Philanthropy At Its Finest: Betsy DeVos

Mrs. DeVos is a wonderfully gracious woman who has been so very caring about education helping and being a generally kind human being. Her mother being a school teacher definitely started Mrs. DeVos on her education loving quest and allowed her to be open to campus Politics at Calvin College and staying educationally involved. Really starting to give back financially when her own children were at school age that not just anyone can get into whichever school they want. Read more about her philanthropy at MLive.

Betsy is married to Dick DeVos who shares similar interests, and they have four children together. Mrs. DeVos and her husband set out to, in a simple phrase, make the world a better place. Betsy is currently the chairman of a clean energy organization named the Windquest Group. She and her husband founded the in 1989. Mrs. Devos has a great variety of charitable interests ranging from education to clean energy. This woman doesn’t cease to amaze. She also was nominated and appointed to be the 11th U.S. secretary of education. Nominated by President Trump himself.

Mrs. Betsy DeVos is passionate for so much but especially about helping underprivileged children get access to the education they need. Mrs.DeVos has been interested in education policies for almost 30 years. Speaking up for the children and parents alike in order to ensure that, not just some, but everyone can get the quality education they deserve. Mrs. DeVos has been on the boards of a great number of local charitable and civic organizations as well as national ones serving in her own way. One of her biggest successes was Florida’s scholarship program. Florida has enjoyed the nation’s large amount of education choices for a pretty long time and has a great number of students to prove it. With currently over 90,000 students going to the school of their own choice. Mrs. DeVos is trying to tear away the universal thought that puts students in a school based on the location of their home. She speaks up for all the freedom you can possibly have. If only everyone had a heart and push like Betsy DeVos. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

The Success of Fabletics and Kate Hudson

Of the new businesses that have been popping up in the world of fashion, one brand in particular has been gaining popularity due to the fact that the brand is not only catering to those who care about fashion, but it is a brand that is also designed to promote comfort and to make sure that each and every customer feels comfortable and confident when they are on the go. This brand is known as Fabletics which was designed by Kate Hudson, an actress, model, as well as a mother who understands the hardship of living a busy life that consists of no breaks.


Kate Hudson designed Fabletics as a brand due to the fact that when she herself went shopping for athletic gear, she found clothes that were either of high quality and expensive or clothes that were of low quality and inexpensive. As a result, Kate Hudson decided that she wanted to create a company that provided the best of both worlds to the consumer and that would make sure that all women are happy with the choices that are given. Kate Hudson has made the brand sound even better due to the fact that the brand of clothing accentuates the figures of women of different shapes and sizes.


Kate Hudson knows how it feels to feel exhausted from the morning until the evening and understands how hard it can be to find a nice outfit in the morning that is both acceptable for any occasion and that is also comfortable. Fabletics is a brand that has been made just for this purpose and makes sure that women feel better than ever. With many different choices for style, Kate Hudson and her team have thought of everything which means that there is no surprise as to how much success that company has experienced within the last few years.


What makes Fabletics so unique and different to the other brands of clothing is the fact that the website does the shopping for the individual. All the woman has to do is take a quiz which tells the database to narrow down the search based upon their preference. As a result, any stress to finding the best style and fabric is eliminated thanks to the characteristics of this website. Kate Hudson and her team have eliminated the stress of shopping and now offer a product that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle.

The Growth of Roberto Santiago’s Businesses in Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago is revered Brazilian entrepreneur who has accomplished a lot in business. He has been focused on being a successful businessman from the time he was a teenager. At 56 years old, Santiago owns the most famous business center in Joao Pessoa, and it is known as Manaira Shopping Mall. The place offers outstanding entertainment facilities and cuisine that has made it be the most preferred hangout place in the city since it was founded in 1989. The mall is located in a middle place that makes its accessible to the residents of the area. Manaira Shopping is always open round the clock, and therefore, customers can access any commodities that they need at any time. The shopping center has been maintained well through constant renovations, and it is not easy for anyone to tell that it has been operational for about three decades. Read more articles on

Mr. Santiago has been living in the city for most of his life. He is one of the most talented authors in Joao Pessoa. Roberto has developed a passion for script writing, directing, and producing movies. He spends his free time bowling and in motocross races. Santiago used to participate in motocross during his prime years and won medals in various championships. The businessman started gaining more information about investments when he was at the Pio X-Marist College. After graduating from the institution, he pursued a degree in business from the University Center of Joao Pessoa.

The entrepreneur has always wanted to own top businesses from the time he was young. He generated his first revenue from a small café that he had established in Santa Rosa. After saving for a few years, he had sufficient funds to build a cartonnage firm that specialized in manufacturing beautiful products. The profits that he earned from the enterprise enabled him to purchase the land where Manaira Shopping is based. Roberto kicked off the construction of the mega building in 1987, and it was completed in 1989.

Roberto Santiago established the business center with the aim of offering the Joao Pessoa people a shopping mall that stood out. Manaira is currently the preferred shopping place for most city residents since they know that they can access a broad array of products. The building host several amenities, and they include financial institutions, a gym, a food court, movie theaters, a gaming zone, and over 200 shopping stores.

Manaira Shopping also has the city’s largest hall. It is known as the Domus Hall and is mostly rented for weddings, exhibitions, lectures, conferences, and many other events. The facility stands out due to it sounding, air conditioning, and lighting systems. It is also spacious enough to accommodate 4000 seated people. Roberto Santiago has generated a lot of revenue from the mall and was able to establish the Mangeira Shopping mall in 2013. The mall is also located in Joao Pessoa. The entrepreneur’s two business centers have had a positive impact on the city by bettering its social and economic status. Visit his profile page on Facebook.

Go On A Tour Of Rainy Tokyo With Kim Dao and Keira Ashley

Beauty vlogger Kim Dao has a lot of friends in the YouTube community. One such friend is Keira Ashley, another Australian YouTuber currently living in Japan. In one of Kim’s more recent vlogs, she takes viewers on a tour of Shibuya with Keira.


On this particular day it’s raining heavily in the Japanese capital. Kim Dao shows us what the famous Shibuya Crossing looks like on a somewhat gloomy day.Learn more :


In the next shot, Kim Dao is with Keira at a conveyer-belt restaurant called Genki Sushi. Regular viewers of Kim Dao’s vlog channel already know how much she loves this convenient restaurant. Kim orders a few sushi rolls and sips on some warm green tea.Learn more :


After the two friends are done eating their sushi, they head out to do some shopping. Kim Dao first goes into a Daiso shop to purchase beauty products and kitchenware. She also decides to buy a pink weight measurer for luggage and some groceries.Learn more :


As she walks home, Kim Dao shows us the streets of Tokyo at nighttime. All of the people walking around these streets still have their umbrellas up. Kim Dao says it’s an extremely miserable and wet day in Tokyo. However, she says she made the best of the bad weather with her friend Keira.


At the end of the video, Kim Dao goes through a mini supermarket haul. A few of the items Kim Dao bought include kimchi, chili oil, coffee, meat, and soy sauce. She says she is going to have hot pot tonight for dinner.


Brazil’s Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is an accomplished financial manager who works in the investments industry. Audi is currently the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) He is a graduate from the Universidade de Sao Paolo with an MBA degree in finance. Audi is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Cassio Audi’s past position includes being the CFO of the company GMVI and CEO & CFO/Investor Relations Officer of Rossi Commercial Properties to name a few positions Audi has held.

Cassio Audi has had many responsibilities at the various corporations he has worked for including handling various financial aspects of the various companies he has worked at. Audi has developed real estate subsidiaries for his companies, managed/developed property-related assets, and raised both local/foreign funds to help the company gain a wider reach and a bigger client base. Audi has worked in financial planning, reporting, accounting, cash management, share services legal tax planning, risk management, and investor relations in various companies he has worked at.

All this experience as a CFO has made Cassio Audi a well-rounded businessman and a respected financial investment manager in his hometown of Sao Paolo. Companies know Cassio Audi as a responsible, reliable financial investor who helps his clients reach their financial goals and works within the parameters defined by his clients. Audi treats every client with great importance and goes above and beyond to do this best for every single person who seeks his help in building their portfolio no matter what the size of that portfolio happens to be.

Cassio Audi has earned his experience working with large, multi-national firms where he learned how the industry works. Audi developed his skills and refined them over time by holding various highly-influential positions with several different companies. This has led customers to respect Audi and his knowledge of the financial investing industries and allowed them to trust him with their portfolios and investments.

George Soros-Ranks High as a Political and Social Philanthropist

While some say that money cannot buy happiness, it can be help your social or political platform when it comes as a large donation from George Soros- one of the richest men in the world. An active octogenarian, Mr. Soros is passionate about international and progressive political issues and has contributed millions to national and international elections, immigration rights, supporting clean environment and the decriminalization of marijuana. According to Forbes magazine’s 2016 list of the World’s 100 richest people, Mr. Soros is ranked number 22 and his wealth is estimated to be over $20.0 billion.

Although born to wealthy parents in Hungary in 1930, George and his family experienced ethnic and religious persecution as a Jewish family during the Nazi invasion of their country in the early 1940s. After leaving his country, George moved to London and obtained a degree in Finance from the London School of Economics and began working in the financial industry shortly thereafter. As noted in an Forbes article profiling this billionaire,” most of George Soros,wealth was made when he created his own hedge fund in 1969 with $12 million; it was later rebranded the Quantum Fund.” Today his family business is known as the Soros Fund and is considered one of the most successful financial companies in the world. Read more about George’s life story at

While many of us would be hesitating to contribute millions towards any candidate, Mr. Soros does not retreat, easily, even if the candidates he donates millions to loses the race. Kenneth P. Vogel’s , “George Soros rises again“, Politico magazine, 7/27/16, discusses Mr. Soros return to politics by contributing over $25 million towards Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. Over ten years earlier, he gave $27 million to the Democratic Presidential candidate but suffered a major disappointment when Republican candidate George W. Bush was elected the President in 2004. Mr. Vogel points out that Soros is not the only billionaire who made deep donations towards the 2016 Presidential election. Like Soros, San Francisco environmentalist Tom Steyer and New York hedge funder Don Sussman are two other wealthy benefactors who gave generously to liberal causes during the recent national election.

As we all continue to exhale and adjust to the newly elected President, Donald Trump, let us hope that Soros, and other billionaires like him, continues to rank high as a political and social philanthropist by contributing to progressive causes that protect our freedom, the environment and those less fortunate.

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Life Line Screening- Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Life Line Screening is a medical enterprise that believes in prevention strategies by offering health knowledge to its patients who can make wise decisions with regards to their health. Life Line screening believes that the early detection of health complications is the most effective means to improve the quality of life. As such, Life Line Screening offers community-based screenings that are conducted by highly trained licensed medical practitioners. The preventive screenings are carried out in several places such as churches, companies, neighborhoods, and community centers all over the United States. Life Line Screening has its head offices at Independence, OH.

Life Line screening specializes in countless forms of screening including Cholesterol, Diabetes, heart diseases, atrial fibrillation, osteoporosis, carotid artery, abdominal aortic, and peripheral arterial disease screenings among many others.

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It is also worth noting that the preventive health screenings offered by Life Line Screening are non-invasive, quick, painless, and very safe. The screenings are conducted by trained experts who incorporate similar equipment found in many medical institutions, and certified doctors interpret the results. The findings from the preventive screenings are then shared with the patient’s medical practitioner who uses them to decide on treatment decisions or lifestyle changes.

Apart from preventive screening, Life Line Screening also offers other resources such as the Life Line Screening Health E- Newsletter. This publication helps one to focus on their individual wellness whether it involves making lifestyle changes to regulate chronic illness like high blood pressure or even diabetes.

Additionally, businesses whether small or big can save a great deal by partnering with Life Line Screening who can offer them with a corporate wellness program. This program will empower the company’s employees to be educated and be proactive in controlling their health and wellness. Life Line Screening can also offer inclusive aggregate reports that assist the corporate management to know which important areas to focus on based on the staff’s chronic sickness prevalence.

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Why Brazil’s Real Estate Market is Generating Interest

Brazil’s economy has generally slowed down over the past few years. Canny investors have taken note of this and are making lucrative investments in the country’s property market at By buying property when the country’s economic cycle is at its lowest, the investors hope to make a kill when the economy recovers. As they say, there is a silver lining to the depressed real estate market.

The South American country has discovered the limitless benefits of low property prices because international investors have been flocking into the country in droves seeking bargains on These investors mainly target the country’s stranded and cash-strapped markets to strike property deals with construction companies. For instance, Blackstone Group LP is in the process of acquiring a majority stake in one of the largest real estate firms in Brazil. The firm’s earnings have been plummeting over the past few months.

Surprising Turn of Events

The growing interest in the Brazilian real estate market is unexpected considering the fact that other sectors in the economy have been bedeviled by a combination of the ongoing political turmoil and slow economic growth on Despite this unexpected turn of events, there has been an upsurge in the growth of the number if middleclass citizens, something that has protected the real estate market from total collapse. Construcap is one of the most prominent property development firms in Brazil that have remained profitable in the face of the economic meltdown.

Brief Notes About Construcap

The construction firm has distinguished itself by undertaking award-winning and exquisite projects. Its enviable reputation stretches more than seven decades. Construcap mainly undertakes the construction of roads, mega bridges, sports arenas, and residential complexes. The company’s efforts have further been boosted by its affiliates, which employ more than 12,000 employees.

Construcap’s success is attributed to its commitment towards innovation, flexibility, and scalability. Ethical business principles are strictly observed in its operations, which explains why the company has over the years adhered to the Triple P bottom line. All the projects undertaken by Construcap are sustainable and environmentally friendly. The company similarly supports numerous local community projects across Brazil as a way of giving back to the society.

What Are Litigation Lawyers And Who Is Karl Heideck

When the job that a lawyer does is thought of, a litigator is what most people think of. A stereotypical attorney with a law degree spending most of their time in courtrooms and a lot of lawsuits. Litigation, though, is actually a very large field and the description of a litigator can vary quite a bit.

Litigators represent the defendants and plaintiffs in civil cases. They manage the investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement and the appeal – or in other words, all of the phases of the process. What they exactly do, though, is very dependent upon whether they work at a small firm or are a sole practitioner, or whether they work at a large firm.

If at a large firm, they will have different duties based off of seniority. A lot of the first few months or years will be spent researching and writing memos. They may spend their first time in a courthouse just watching and when they get their first case, they may only be second chair. Time spent between each trial may be months. When working at a small firm, a lot of the job is a good mix of office work and time spent in the courthouse. If a litigator is working on a case that seems to be especially complex, they may seek help from another attorney who specializes in appellate practice.

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Karl Heideck is a litigation lawyer based in the Philadelphia area. He received a degree in english and literature Swarthmore College and later graduated with honors from Tempe University Beasley School of Law. He specializes in compliance practices as well as risk management and he has many different skills in things like corporate law, legal writing, commercial litigation, product liability, employment law and legal research. Karl Heideck has been practicing law for over ten years.

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